Staff Meetings

Staff meeting

by Bob Negen
WhizBang! Training

You’ll hear me speak with Bob in this month’s Expert Interview, but he recently wrote a great article explaining how staff meetings are a wonderful time to deliver sales training to everyone on your team.

You can teach your staff about new products, reinforce any standards that may be slipping, or review selling basics.

Not sure where to start? Here are five proven ideas from Bob to reinforce great selling habits in your staff meetings:

  1. Ask someone to describe a great sale they made. 
    Inquire about why it worked and what they were thinking when they dealt with the customer. This gives the salesperson the chance to be a star for the week, it gives you the chance to focus on particular sales behaviors, and it keeps the rest of the team focused on selling!Make sure you spread the love around. Featuring the same person every week could demotivate the rest of your staff and breed resentment.
  2. Tap into your staff’s experience.
    Ask the group if they tried any selling techniques that worked particularly well that week. You’ll be amazed at the quality of information and the level of interaction you’ll get from this exercise.
  3. Reward your winners.
    If you have the results of your weekly sales contests or games, your staff meeting is the perfect place to reward the winners.
  4. Review the basics.
    Staff meetings are a great place to review the feature/benefit/solutions of products you carry. Plan on reviewing a couple at each meeting.
  5. Conduct product training. 
    Giving your staff in-depth product training, particularly for expensive items, will make them more comfortable selling those products and will result in a higher average sale.

Bob says you should remember that your staff focuses on what YOU focus on, so use staff meetings to keep your staff focused on selling.

In fact, when you make sales training a part of every staff meeting, you’ll have the best sales team in town!

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