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Expert Interview: Bob Negen

                      Mike Major: Hello, Mike Major here with a valuable interview for Instant Retail Results: tips for small business owners from world-renowned retail experts. And today I’m excited to be speaking with Bob Negen, who is indeed a world-renowned retail expert. Bob is a highly […]


The Explosive Growth of a WORLD CURRENCY

There’s a radical new form of money that’s being used by millions of people in over 100 countries around the world. Traded on exchanges around the world it was valued, only a short time ago, at less than a penny. But recently, a single unit of this remarkable money was valued at: More than 1,360 Australian […]


Front Line Interview: Adam Miller

Frontline Interview: Adam Miller Mirage Pool Services Moreno Valley, CA   Mike Major: Hi, it’s Mike Major from Idea Bank and it’s time for our monthly interview with a successful business owner, out on the front line of business in the real world. Today I’m talking with Adam Miller, owner of Mirage Pool Services […]


SEVEN Key Points for Successful Advertising

Some of my coaching clients have asked about suggestions for improving the results of their advertising, so I decided to share SEVEN Key Points for Successful Advertising. As I read recently, “any idiot can say ‘yes’ to the ad salesman and stick an ad some place, and often every idiot does.” But if you stop […]

Big Fish in a Small Pond

Big Fish : Small Ponds

If you’re a big fish in a small pond you may be one of the leaders in the market space you’ve defined as your pond.  It’s a sign of good focus and playing to your strengths. On the other hand, if you’re a small fish in a big pond then perhaps you’re trying to be […]

Adword logo

11 Tips for Running a Successful Adwords Campaign

          by Andy Black   Google Adwords is becoming “flavor of the month.” Not because more business owners are rushing to learn how to use adwords, but because there are any number of consultants, agents, and micro businesses pushing to manage your AdWords campaign for you. Unfortunately, the fact they […]


Five Ways To Get Referrals

If you remember back to Tom Poland’s great idea for getting referral leads (in my bonus Instant Marketing Insights interview series) you’ll already be gaining plenty of referrals. But there are many other techniques, of course. Here are five things you can do to increase the number of referrals you receive. 1)   Ask the […]

Staff meeting

Staff Meetings

by Bob Negen WhizBang! Training You’ll hear me speak with Bob in this month’s Expert Interview, but he recently wrote a great article explaining how staff meetings are a wonderful time to deliver sales training to everyone on your team. You can teach your staff about new products, reinforce any standards that may be slipping, or […]


Idea Bank #47 – introduction

Congratulations on your business successes, last month. And if there weren’t so many, then congratulations on your persistence in working to overcome the obstacles in your way! A problem is just an everyday part of business life, as we all know. Some are simple, some are complex. But as Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM, […]